R.bw – Fast Random Passwords

R.bw is a website for quickly generating random passwords.


I have been the IT Director of a law firm for over 4 years. I frequently have to register for services and set up accounts that require passwords. Naturally I want to use a different secure random password for each account I create. I found myself constantly googling “random password generator” and clicking on one of the top few results, only to be presented with a site that was sponsored by a ton of ads with a million options. I just want a secure random password. That’s it. As such, I decided to make an incredibly simple, easy to remember, quick to type random password generator that can be used as a web service.


  • When a user accesses the website R.bw they are given a random 15 character password that has at least 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character. The password is provided in plain text.
  • If the user wants a password of a different length, they can simply append a /# to the end of the URL (up to 99 characters).
    • For example, If I want a 26 character password I would visit http://r.bw/26 in my browser.
  • The site is on a 1 character domain that is easy to remember and quick to type.
  • The result is provided in plain text so it can be used as a service. Programs and scripts can CURL the site to grab random passwords for tasks such as bulk account generation.

Technologies Used

  • PHP


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